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The Song of the Pioneers

The people’s flag is brightest red - it helps us earn our daily bread
Though skinflints mock and Tories jeer - the licence fee’s not really dear
The licence fee! The licence fee!
It pays the bills for you and me!
From single mums in Bethnal Green - for expense accounts and limousines

If they don’t pay the licence fee - it’s jail and chuck away the key
For posh school fees and winter sports - we need to add a few more naughts
Our pensions are inflation free - all paid for by the licence fee
The licence fee! The licence fee!
Don’t take away our licence fee!
A hundred and thirty odd quid a year - will keep the red flag flying here!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Don't panic brothers!

Right on cue - the brothers are manning the barricades.

In today's Old Trot New Statesman, the NUJ's Jeremy Dear (presumably unrelated to A Darling) explains that it's all about "keeping the gravy train on the track defending quality journalism".

It'll be great to see all your favourite bien pensant BBC journos out on the streets with their placards living out the fantasies they've had ever since the miner's strike.

Probably not much chance of fisticuffs but it would be nice to see Paxman heave a brick at Mark Thompson's limo.
In a twenty years time an ancient Humphrys or Marr might br reminiscing about "the battle of Shepherd's Bush".
".......Ah remember when tha were TV studios all t'way from t'Bush to White City - and now nothin' but derelict transmitter masts as far as a man can see ........etc,etc"
Ah well - we can dream.

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