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The Song of the Pioneers

The people’s flag is brightest red - it helps us earn our daily bread
Though skinflints mock and Tories jeer - the licence fee’s not really dear
The licence fee! The licence fee!
It pays the bills for you and me!
From single mums in Bethnal Green - for expense accounts and limousines

If they don’t pay the licence fee - it’s jail and chuck away the key
For posh school fees and winter sports - we need to add a few more naughts
Our pensions are inflation free - all paid for by the licence fee
The licence fee! The licence fee!
Don’t take away our licence fee!
A hundred and thirty odd quid a year - will keep the red flag flying here!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Attention all citizens

In view of the present serious and unprecedented emergency (which began in America) the loyal BBC Pioneers have been entrusted by senior Party cadres to bring you live situation reports direct from the Dear Leader as he confronts the grave situation from his command headquarters.

Citizens are reminded that The Leader has the situation (which began in America) completely under control and there is no need for panic.

Please stand by for further instructions and DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ACCESS YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS!

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Not a sheep said...

Too scary to be funny.