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The licence fee! The licence fee!
Don’t take away our licence fee!
A hundred and thirty odd quid a year - will keep the red flag flying here!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

A New Day Has Dawned - Has it Not?

Comrades !

On Thursday a specially trained unit of the Party's loyal anti insurgency troops successfully breached the lair of one of the Bullingdonian reactionaries' most prominent thought criminals and pedlars of disinformation.

Armed only with a handful of batons, CS sprays, tasers and hand held automatic weapons, a small group of nine heroic comrades overcame considerable resistance by the self styled "wife" and "daughter" of the criminal Green - and were able to confiscate large quantities of suspect material as well as disabling his communication networks.

This is truly a milestone in the Party's proud history - the first time our revolutionary guards have had the confidence to take direct action against the self-confessed enemies of the People's government.

The Party's creed is "A Future Fair to All" and we want to use this event to remind all citizens that there is a fair chance in all their futures that this could happen to them if they become involved in anti-Party activities.

We at BBC Pioneers are proud to have played our part by helping to explain the backgound to this momentous event.

Comrade Crick of Newsnight was able to explain to viewers last night the vital difference between the use, by the Dear Leader in his opposition years, of information supplied by loyal Party members operating inside the despicable Thatcher regime - and the shameless, illegal theft of confidential state secrets by the arch criminal Green and his lackeys.

Comrade "Hero of Broadcasting" Crick has proved his loyalty to the Party many times since his early days as activist and prospective parliamentary candidate

The Dear Leader in 1985 -explaining the importance of using inside information from loyal informers inside the despised Thatcher junta.

(timecode 23.17 onwards)

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!

I had thought that this was a dead website, but your work inspired me enough to make This Video for You Tube, (Errrr sorry I nicked some of your pics in which to do so) and there was more than enough interest to complete a Second vid, a short time later.

If you should need a hand in making BBC pics in future times, then I have become quite adept in doctoring pics, but if you would like to take them to a really professional level, for a heading etc, then English Rose does them for fun.

Five months between posts is rather a long time don't you think?