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The people’s flag is brightest red - it helps us earn our daily bread
Though skinflints mock and Tories jeer - the licence fee’s not really dear
The licence fee! The licence fee!
It pays the bills for you and me!
From single mums in Bethnal Green - for expense accounts and limousines

If they don’t pay the licence fee - it’s jail and chuck away the key
For posh school fees and winter sports - we need to add a few more naughts
Our pensions are inflation free - all paid for by the licence fee
The licence fee! The licence fee!
Don’t take away our licence fee!
A hundred and thirty odd quid a year - will keep the red flag flying here!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

More Heroes of Socialist Broadcasting

The BBC's most senior executive position is that of Director General.

The DG heads the board which is responsible, under the direction of the trustees, for implementing the corporation's charter and charter agreement.

Section 44(1) of the charter agreement requires the BBC to ".....ensure that controversial subjects are treated with due accuracy and impartiality in all relevant output."

Here are the two DG's who ran the BBC for most of the time since the Labour party took office in 1997:-

John Birt - BBC Director General 1992 - 2000

John Birt was Director General of the BBC from 1992 to 2000.

At the time of his appointment he was a paid up member of the Labour party.

According to fellow broadcaster Peter Bazalgette writing in the Observer :- "....his streak of ruthlessness helped turn the BBC from an organisation derided by the Tory government into the most powerful political lobby in Britain. As the political pendulum swung towards the Labour party in the mid-Nineties, Birt anticipated it brilliantly."

Greg Dyke - BBC Director General 2000-2004

Greg Dyke was Director General of the BBC from 2000 to 2004.

He had been a lifelong Labour activist.

In 1977 he stood as a Labour candidate for the Greater London Council.

In the run up to the 1997 election he reportedly donated over £50,000 to the Labour party.

When he was appointed, according to the Guardian, a Number 10 insider said "We loved Greg. We loved the idea of Greg."

So for the last 15 years or so, the BBC has had a declared Labour supporter as either Chairman or Director General - or both.

Must make all that impartiality a bit of a struggle sometimes!

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Mrs Smallprint said...

They don't seem to be struggling too hard to me.